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Flamingo Gris


Per Sq Yard

Flamingo Gris 25 x 75 Ceramic Wall Tile

(Decor in shower not sold)

At Right Price Tiles & Wood Flooring, We pride ourselves on the ability to offer you top quality Ceramic Bathroom Wall tiles. Flamingo Gris is a Ceramic wall tile which is both durable, long lasting & easy to maintain. At Right Price Tiles & Wood Flooring, we have a large array of wall tile colours including cream, white ,grey, black and much more.

  Height   Width   Measurement      
Wall 1 X   = 0 m2
Wall 2 X   = 0 m2
Wall 3 X   = 0 m2
Wall 4 X   = 0 m2
Total: 0.00 m2


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